World Heart Federation Roadmap on Cholesterol

This Roadmap focuses on elevated blood cholesterol, a leading risk factor for myocardial infarction, stroke and peripheral arterial disease.

The World Heart Federation Roadmap on Cholesterol identifies roadblocks and suggests potential solutions to improve cardiovascular health and help reach 25 by 25.

This WHF Roadmap has been written by sixteen experts from around the world: Adrianna Murphy, Jose R. Faria-Neto, Khalid Al-Rasadi, Dirk Blom, Alberico Catapano, Ada Cuevas, Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, Pablo Perel, Raul Santos, Allan Sniderman, Rody Sy, Gerald F. Watts, Dong Zhao, Salim Yusuf and David Wood.

A Roadmap is a framework to identify roadblocks and suggest potential solutions on the way to 25 by 25. Global roadmaps have been developed by worldwide experts to detect the problems and offer solutions on specific topics impacting cardiovascular mortality.

You can download the full Roadmap article published in the Global Heart Journal.

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