PASCAR Roadmap to decrease the burden of hypertension in Africa

African Union Member States at the 2004 Addis Ababa meeting described hypertension as one of the continent’s greatest health challenges. An urgency to develop and share best practices including affordable and effective community-based programmes to screen and treat hypertension was recognised.

To help achieve this objective, the Pan African Society of Cardiology (PASCAR) task force started working on a Roadmap focusing on hypertension in Africa. This Roadmap to Reduce the Prevalence of Hypertension by 25% in Africa by 2025 identifies roadblocks and suggests potential solutions to improve cardiovascular health and help reach 25 by 25.

Based on WHF Global Roadmap to the Management and Control of Raised Blood Pressure, this Roadmap has been developed by PASCAR to respond to the reality and needs of the African region.

This Roadmap is currently being written by PASCAR and will be published and available here soon.

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