The process to build a regional/national Roadmap

WHF members, CVD advocates and other stakeholders can develop a national or regional Roadmap to identify areas where progress may be made and improve healthcare outcomes of patients.

Individual countries are best placed to manage the process of looking at their healthcare systems and related structures in relation to how to improve healthcare outcomes. We recommend that the process includes an array of stakeholders which can be governments, corporations, NGOs, health activists, academic and research institutions, health professionals, people who have been personally affected by CVD as patient or care giver - ideally led by a local co-ordinator who will manage the Roadmap process.

The main steps we recommend to follow are:

  • Develop and convene a multi-sectorial coalition to adapt the global Roadmaps to local circumstances.
  • Conduct a situation analysis, including epidemiologic profiling, within the healthcare system for patients.
  • Assess strengths and gaps in national CVD programmes and policies by completing a CVD Scorecard analysis.
  • Conduct policy dialogues with multiple local stakeholders. Local problems, specific barriers and potential solutions should be discussed and appropriate strategies selected according to context.
  • Develop a plan to evaluate the implementation of the selected strategies

If you are interested in building a Roadmap in your country or region, please contact us We also invite you to visit the tools section and our library to access documents and case studies. 

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