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Roadmaps take a collaborative approach to help overcome challenges on the way to better cardiovascular health. This website aims at being an interactive platform bringing a wealth of expertise and experience about tackling CVD challenges in different settings.

You have the opportunity to navigate and comment on the Roadmaps’ roadblocks and solutions, or share case studies and ideas based on your knowledge – your experience could help solve a problem elsewhere, or you may be aware of a similar challenge in a different setting.

You don’t need to work in cardiovascular health to comment and contribute to Roadmaps. You may have experience in policy change, health systems or the patient perspective: all experience is valuable as we believe that improving the outcomes for cardiovascular health takes a whole of society approach, calling on the expertise of many different people from different backgrounds. 

To share comments directly on the Roadmap view and to upload case studies in the resource section, please create an account or log in.

Should you be interested in exploring the possibility to build a Roadmap in your country or contribute to developing a national plan, visit build your own Roadmap.

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