Build your own Roadmap

Designed as an evidence-based visually engaging concept, the Roadmap process aims to help countries or regions who wish to make progress toward 25 by 25 by sharing examples of methods and case studies to inspire people to take action and catalyze change.

The WHF Roadmaps can be used as a guiding document for stakeholders to develop their own analysis of their region. We developed a comprehensive process to adapt the WHF global Roadmaps at the national or regional level and design “your own Roadmap”, with the objective of influencing NCD action plans and accelerate the fight against cardiovascular disease in a specific location. It comprises several phases, including convening a multi-sectoral coalition to lead the project, conducting a situation analysis and developing a scorecard to evaluate the situation, organizing policy dialogues to select strategies and developing the final Roadmap plan for the country. 

Should you be interested in initiating the development of such a plan/Roadmap in your country, we invite you to visit the process to build a regional/national Roadmap section and the tools section, where you can find some more details on how to build a national/regional Roadmap, examples from countries and supporting tools.

We would also be pleased to get in touch and discuss how we can help, as well as offer you access to the Roadmap building tool. Contact us.

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