What are we trying to achieve?

Our objective

Together with our membership organisations, the World Heart Federation is working towards ensuring every effort has been made towards the World Health Organization's Global Action Plan (GAP) targets being successfully implemented by 2025. There is a wide variation in terms of the progress made, and the Roadmap process is designed to help countries who wish to accelerate progress - by sharing methods and case studies which can catalyze change by engaging a range of stakeholders and encouraging them to take action.

The ultimate goal for us all is to achieve the 25 by 25 targets.

Learn more about 25 by 25 and WHO GAP Targets here.


What are the benefits?

WHF Roadmaps are a visual aid to assist a country and its stakeholders in cardiovascular health, identify areas where efforts can be directed to improve the healthcare outcomes of patients and ultimately reduce cardiovascular premature mortality by 25% by 2025.

The WHF Roadmap framework can be used to:

  • access a process which can help signpost key milestones and information needed
  • identify "roadblocks" to implementing policies and practical change
  • share case studies from different countries
  • access methodologies which are internationally recognised and tested
  • identify who stakeholders are and how to engage them
  • identify how to build alliances to create momentum
  • establish priorities to maximise impact
  • work with third parties who have knowledge and experience of similar challenges
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