In 2012, the World Heart Federation launched its ‘25 by 25’ campaign to reduce premature mortality from CVD by 25% by the year 2025.

25 by 25 is an abbreviation for the objective of reducing premature deaths caused by cardiovascular disease by 25% by the year 2025. Aligned with the WHO commitment to reduce overall mortality from the four major non-communicable diseases - CVD, diabetes, cancers and lung diseases - the World Heart Federation works with members and partners to achieve this ambitious goal.

To support the ’25 by 25’ vision for NCDs, the World Health Organization launched a set of specific targets in 2013. These targets, seen in the pictures below and found in the Global Monitoring Framework, all have a direct impact on CVD. In 2015, the 193 Member States of the United Nations adopted Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. This global agenda builds on the WHO and WHF’s ‘25 by 25’ campaigns, and aims for a 30% reduction in NCD mortality by 2030. 

The WHF Roadmaps have been designed as a framework to help achieve 25 by 25. They can serve as models for countries to develop or update national noncommunicable disease (NCD) action plans, using the framework provided by the World Health Organization's Global Action Plan (GAP) 2013-2020.

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